About Us

We provide products of fuel to a larger capacity in East and central Africa.





Netcore Petroleum Limited believes in real hustle and encourages people to work dedicatedly.


To provide products of fuel to a larger capacity in East and central Africa.t.


To become one of the world’s leading companies, bringingemployment and more…


We empower our people to make decisions that improve their and benefit everyone at large.

Company Description

Netcore Petroleum Limited is engaged in the marketing and distribution of petroleum products. The company is a supply of liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), which is used for both domestic cooking purposes and commercial uses. Netcore Petroleum Limited also provides automotive fuels and lubricants to Kenya and its neighboring countries market through it’s network of service stations, 

business-to-business commercial clients and aviation fuel. It supplies both national and international shipping with bunker fuels and lubricants at Mombasa and the surrounding area. Other operations of the company comprise the provision of storage facilities at Roche Bois, Which is carried out by it’s associate, energy storage company limited.


Netcore Petroleum Limited combines a focus on East African O&G opportunities with extensive G&G services capabilities and and  experiences designed specifically for the East African market. Rather than being held hostage by the availability of seismic and geoscience crews in a very tight global market, Netcore Petroleum Limited owns or controls the assets that it needs to carry out much of the first and second year work programs it offers and has based those key assets in East Africa. 

By being able to quarantee early commencement of work programme commitments allows Netcore Petroleum Limited to offer an Accelerated Work Programme (AWP) approach to PSC negotiations. 

Netcore Petroleum Limited Led by a dynamic management team, NPL has been strategically positioned to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage to achieve its vision. This is further enabled by the proper deployment of good corporate governance and risk management practices.

In fulfilling our vision, we shall continue to build and improve the capacity of the communities we operate in. These communities will be engaged in activities that ensure development and economic empowerment. Strict adherence to our belief in preservation of the environment shall be enforced. Through our Foundation, we shall always endeavour to be responsible
corporate citizens


NPL has a virile and very dynamic workforce that we like to refer to as our strength. This is in line with our mission to recruit, retain and reward a high-performance workforce.

This hardworking, virile and dynamic workforce is managed and controlled by a group of highly competent management team with tonnes of experience in the petroleum sector, giving our company an edge over others in terms of productivity and service delivery to our shareholders and clients respectively. We have a qualified system for accessing key skills and experience to ensure that our staffs and consultants have significant and relevant experience relative to the job they are assigned. The company to ensure continuous professional development for our team allocates significant resources to various unique training and development programs. Creating an environment that supports professionalism, integrity and innovation has led to higher performance team.


Netcore Petrolium Limited keenly advise clients, partners and staff on equitable levels of environmental safeguards to be incorporated to a project where a hazard may not be covered by regulations or client’s policy. We strive to preserve a clean and healthy environment at all times.

We operate in a manner that protects the environment, which is the top priority of our operational plans. We strongly believe that our success is directly linked to the health and safety of our employees, clients and our reputation as a leader in environmental conservation.